How To Make Soap Last Longer

We've all been there. You go to a soap store or shop on their website, find the perfect bar, get a couple uses out of it, and then its gone! 'Soap' that you get at Walmart and Target is actually a detergent bar that has harsh preservatives to make it last. Most Handcrafted Soap doesn't use any preservatives, therefore it may not last as long.

So how do I make the bar of handcrafted soap that I just purchased last longer?

There are a number of things that you can do each and every time you shower or take a bath to make your bar last longer:

  • Avoid Hot Water- Hot Water Melts the oils and butters in the soap
  • Use a Soap Dish- A well draining soap dish will keep water off the soap
  • Let Air Dry- Take the bar out of the shower and put on a shelf (less humid)
  • Keep Away From Water- Never let your soap rest under the flow of water, and always check for drips!

What does Naturali Home do to help make our soap last longer?

We use a combination of oils, waxes and butters in our recipe that makes a nice and firm bar that will last a significant amount of time while still being cleansing and bubbly!

Our Team at Naturali Home also lets all of our Handcrafted Soaps sit for 4-6 weeks as a cure time to let water and moisture escape the soap. Remember soap is like a cheese, it needs time to cure! Water is the enemy, we always have a fan or moisture remover going and store soaps in a well ventilated area to help speed up the process!

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