Soap Making: The Basics

We get asked frequently how soap is made, so we decided to put the basics in an easy to read blog post. 

This post is designed to help you learn a little bit more about our products and is not a guide on how to make soapThere are numerous blogs and website on the internet that go through formulation and production of soap.


By definition, Soap is made using Sodium Hydroxide and a Fat. If you get a bar and it says 'Lye Free' or you don't see Sodium Hydroxide as an ingredient, it is not Soap. Naturali Home uses Plant Oils as our fat content, but some companies use animal fat to achieve the same end product. There is no lye or fat (oils) in the end product because the chemical structure has changed to form soap.


Many bars, such as Dove, Irish Springs & Dove claim to be soap but are in fact detergent bars with no real cleansing or moisturizing benefits. It's important to check the ingredients when buying commercially produced soap to know what's inside.

At Naturali Home, we use the same recipe for all of our Handcrafted Soaps:

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye); Sustainably Sourced Plant Oils: Olive, Palm, Coconut, Castor; Natural Fragrance Oil Blends; Natural Colorants (Micas and Clays); Botanicals. Our Goat Milk Oatmeal Honey contains Goat Milk and our Almond contains ground coffee.


Soap Making is just throwing a pound of lye into a pound of oils, right? Unfortunately the process isn't that easy. Each oil has a different SAP value which is helps you figure out the amount of lye you need per oz of oils. Olive Oil is different from Coconut Oil, which is different from Palm. It's important that you use a well tested recipe when making soap so that everything goes smoothly.

We've been making soap since 2015 and have tested with dozens of recipes before we found our signature blend. Our blend (in our opinion) produces the best mix of cleansing and moisturizing properties while providing a creamy feel with superior bubbles. When making any product (Soap, Candles, Room Sprays, etc.), we follow manufacturing best practices to create a great (and safe) product for our customers.


The goal when making or formulating soap is to produce an amazing bath or shower experience that stays in the bathroom. What we mean by that: The Soap's Scent and feel should be enjoyable throughout your shower or bath, but you shouldn't have that residue on your skin for the rest of the day.

Soap is meant to be a wash-off product that removes dirt, bad oils and odors from your body. It isn't supposed to take the place of perfume or deodorant that you can smell all day.


More questions on our Handcrafted Soap and other products? Email us and we will do our best to answer your questions:

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