What's In A Scent?

We're sure that you have heard of Fragrance & Essential Oils before, but there's more that goes into formulating scents for Soap & Candle Making. At Naturali Home, we use a mix of pre-blended and custom formulations of fragrances and essential oils for our collection of soaps and candles.

Our fragrance oils are a combination of natural essential oils and formulated aromas. They are never diluted, so each has a strong concentrated aroma that doesn't disappear when burned in a candle or used in soap.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are pure liquids containing aroma compounds that are removed from the seeds, flowers, leaves, roots, and stems or bark of plants through methods such as distillation, expression or extraction. These oils carry the distinctive essence, or scent, of the plant it was made from and are frequently used in perfumes, flavorings and medicines. The only way to scent candles naturally is with pure essential oils. We are currently testing to determine whether we can offer a high quality line of essential oil fragrances that work well in our natural soy waxes.

Formulated Aromas

Unfortunately there is no Blueberry Pie Essential Oil, in which case we use pre blended aromas to achieve the desired scent. It is important to remember that we will use pure essential oils whenever possible and using formulated aromas is typically last resort to achieve a specific scent.

What about Phthalates and other harmful ingredients?

We only use ingredients and blends in our handcrafted products that have been rigorously tested by ourselves and our suppliers. If we discover a toxin or otherwise undesirable ingredient in one of our suppliers scents, we don't use it - it's that simple.

Scent Profiles

We love figuring out the Top, Middle and Base Notes of various scents! That's why on almost every single Soap & Candle Listing, we include an in depth Scent Profile!

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